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Useful tips for Amarnath Yatra
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Useful Tips for Amarnath Yatra

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Things to carry for Amarnath Yatra



The Amarnath Yatra takes place in the month of Shravan, july-august, for 45 days, starting from Baltal.
Because of the risky terrain devotees are advised to follow a few guidelines.

Thing to Carry for Yatra:
You are advised to carry some basic amenities like torch, walking stick, boots etc. Because the cave is located in Himalayas, the devotees must also carry woolen clothes like sweaters, blankets.

Yatra Dress:
Female devotees should wear pants or salwar suits instead of sarees because sarees can get tangled in the foot which could become a life hazard while climbing a mountain.

amarnath yatraYou are also advised to carry basic food products like biscuits, toffees, packed or tinned food to maintain bodies’ sugar and salt levels. All through the route you will find shops run by government or nearby villagers. These shops provide tea, milk, and other required food products at fair prices. Aside from food, firewood is also available on these shops.

It is also good common sense to carry some basic medicines or medicines specially prescribed to you during the climb. However if you think something is wrong and you need medical help, then you will also find medical posts on the route with experienced doctors.

Make sure you are medically fit to undertake the Yatra as it involves trekking at a height of 14,000 feet. The Yatra is risky and difficult. Although insurance may be available at 2 base camps, but devotees must insure them before starting the yatra from their home.
Using one of the 2 base camps you can also book accommodation facilities to spend the night. The charges are nominal and bedding is available.

You must register yourself for the Yatra beforehand. These are generally open a month before the Yatra starts and details are made available through press.

You must by all means avoid breaking traffic discipline. Do not try to overtake others or over-strain yourself on steep terrains. If you come across a warning notice, do not make it a resting place. The notice is there for a reason.
Do not use non-disposable polythene cups, bottles, plates or plastic tents during the Yatra.

Last, but certainly not the least, please do not throw coins, or garlands on the Shiv Linga.

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